Editor For Hire

There is a variety of editing / proofreading processes.

Copy Editing: I assist you in terms of grammar, word choice, sentence structure, etc.

Content Editing:  This is substantive and structural. We focus on narrative structure, voice, style, content, flow, pacing, POV, characterization, research verification, are you meeting your goals, etc

Revision: Only offered AFTER completion of Content Editing: We use constructive criticism and reworking techniques to polish your manuscript.  

Typically clients opt for both copy and content which makes us more of a team and less of me a red pen wielding grammar nerd, but the choice is yours. For obvious reasons, if you only want a copy editor, your manuscript can be in any stage of completeness as I would be only editing the chunks you send me. Content editing can happen during the writing process.


“Page” averages out to 275 words, Times New Roman, normal margins, font 12.

Copy Editing:                                     $2.00 a page
Content Editing:                     $4.00 a page
Both:                                       $5.00 a page
Revision:                                 flat rate of 25% of total editing cost

Example: Word count is 65,000. Page count is 236 pages. Both Copy and Content Editing: $1,180. Revision: $295

Turnaround time:

This varies on time of year and how many other clients I have. We will work out a schedule together.

Writing can be difficult and time consuming. If we are going to team up, I need to know where you are and what you hope to gain from this whole “writing a book” experience. I have created a Potential Client Questionaire that I wouuld be happy to email you. Please email me at to get started!

Looking forward to working with you!

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