Thursday, January 31, 2019


It's been a while, so let's recap.

I'm a writer (occasionally)
I write... and sometimes people enjoy reading what I have written. My short story collection is available to purchase on my website or on Amazon. I am currently in the process of getting it available as an e-book for all you Kindle lovers out there. I am also working on another short story collection (sci fi themed), a novel, and a few different children's books

I'm a copy editor (freelance)
I have a certificate from UC Santa Barbara and I take gigs. I have helped people with newsletters, short stories, websites, and promotional materials. I also do resumes and cover letters. Fees and information can be found on my website.

I'm a Podcaster
My podcast Pages and Popcorn Podcast features me and my co-host talking about movies that are based on books and the original source material. We are both book nerds with English degrees... and we both have a lot of opinions. New episodes drop every other Friday (itunes, spotify, soundcloud, google, etc) and we have a website and a Patreon and a Facebook so you can listen, support us, and stay informed!

I'm a consultant.
I do communications support for a nonprofit, I do social media support for a nonprofit. I do the periodic google/website/email/etc training for seniors.

I'm the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics
This is pretty self-explanatory. We have a website. we host events. We are pretty awesome.

I also run a book club, am a mother to a very active and wonderful six-year-old, try to keep up with reading for fun and a few TV shows... and I drink a lot of coffee.

Hi! I'm Kaylia and I need a nap!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

New Project: Pages and Popcorn Podcast!

I teased about this a month ago... but today I get to announce it at the top of my lungs!

Along with my friend Jennifer, I am launching a new podcast! It is called Pages and Popcorn Podcast and the tagline is "Two opinionated book and movie nerds talk about books that were made into movies... and the movies that came from books!"

We have a website!

We have a Twitter!

We have a Facebook page!

And best of all... We have a TRAILER!

I'm still figuring it all out and getting it hosted and promoted and such... so stay tuned and keep those fingers crossed!

I'm so excited!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

I'm Certified!

Dear Kaylia Marie Metcalfe-Armstrong,

Congratulations on your recent achievement! At this time you have met all the requirements to earn the Copyediting certificate.


I am the proud owner of a Copyediting Certificate from UC Santa Barbara!

(It is in the mail, so no picture as of yet....)

Now, I can charge a tiny bit more for my services! 

wishful dancing.... 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Happy Grammar Day

From one of my favorite authors and artists, Sandra Boynton:

A word to the wise: Today is National Grammar Day. Objectively speaking. Yes, I do realize that the prior sentence is a fragment. This could be a tough day. #NationalGrammarDay

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The MLP / Hamilton Mashup You Know You Want

So sometimes I write profound literary things.
Sometimes I rewrite Hamilton to be about My Little Pony.

I'm.... versatile. (And I have a five-year-old)

How does a pony, book worn only
Good at crafin’ spells, doing work for royalty
Sent to a colored place of metaphor
Filled with loneliness and feelings unsure
Grow up to be a bad ass kickin’ alicorn
This pink bottomed scholar without a dollar
Got a lot farther by working a lot harder by being a lot smarter
As a ‘prentence got put in charge of a lil’ fire starter
And every day while ponies were living their lives not carried away
Will all the magic and flying pies Discord kept his guard up
Inside he was thinking of ways to mess the kingdom up
The brother was planning on sowing his own brand of mischief rough
Then Princess Luna came and devastation reigned
The herd saw the moon hang out above with not an ounce of restraint
Celestia took a chance and listened to a scribe
And she solved it just in time
Well the word got around, they said this chick’s brain is mighty fine
Sent her off to Ponyville for an unspecified bit of time
Get your education, don’t forget to use your rhymes
And the world is gonna know your name
What’s your name miss?
Twilight Sparkle of Equestria
I’m Twilight Sparkle of Equestria… and there’s a million things I haven’t done… but just you wait, just you wait…

... You all can see it right?

Would it be AWESOME?!?!?!

Monday, April 2, 2018

I will be hosting a poetry event at the Fresno Unitarian Universalist Church on April 22nd.

How nifty is that?

I plan to give a brief (for me) lecture on how poetry can be used to incite political change and then we will workshop some of our own activist poems.

I am very excited!

FB link here!