Thursday, January 31, 2019


It's been a while, so let's recap.

I'm a writer (occasionally)
I write... and sometimes people enjoy reading what I have written. My short story collection is available to purchase on my website or on Amazon. I am currently in the process of getting it available as an e-book for all you Kindle lovers out there. I am also working on another short story collection (sci fi themed), a novel, and a few different children's books

I'm a copy editor (freelance)
I have a certificate from UC Santa Barbara and I take gigs. I have helped people with newsletters, short stories, websites, and promotional materials. I also do resumes and cover letters. Fees and information can be found on my website.

I'm a Podcaster
My podcast Pages and Popcorn Podcast features me and my co-host talking about movies that are based on books and the original source material. We are both book nerds with English degrees... and we both have a lot of opinions. New episodes drop every other Friday (itunes, spotify, soundcloud, google, etc) and we have a website and a Patreon and a Facebook so you can listen, support us, and stay informed!

I'm a consultant.
I do communications support for a nonprofit, I do social media support for a nonprofit. I do the periodic google/website/email/etc training for seniors.

I'm the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics
This is pretty self-explanatory. We have a website. we host events. We are pretty awesome.

I also run a book club, am a mother to a very active and wonderful six-year-old, try to keep up with reading for fun and a few TV shows... and I drink a lot of coffee.

Hi! I'm Kaylia and I need a nap!

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